Tzofim Chetz v'Keshet
Letters from Israel: The “CVK” Experience


My name is Adir Even and I’m here to tell you about the amazing experience that is CVK. The main idea it to take American youth and team them up with Israelis and grant them an opportunity to see the land, the culture, and the people of Israel, from Rosh HaNikra to Eilat. We have already explored Jerusalem, travel the beautiful desert called the Negev whose future was predicated by Ben Gurion’s vision. In the strenuous Gadna week that we all loved so much, we learned skills such as navigation and how to shoot a weapon. We were impressed by the luscious Galil and the beautiful North of Israel.

But the most important thing was meeting new people whether Israeli or American. The idea of connecting Israelis to Americans is very special because we have the chance to learn about eachother’s lifestyles, where it’s m&m’s or falafel in the Jewish quarter.

On a personal level, I am glad that I was able to partake in this life-altering journey. I recommend for all who can to participant in this adventure. And of course, nothing would have been the same without our amazing mefakdim who were always making sure that we had fun.

~ Adam Even, Machlaka 2

Letters from Israel: The Beginning

CVK started in the airport when everyone was shocked. The Israeli campers first saw the Americans after all the preparations. The American’s couldn’t even believe they were in Israel to start an amazing summer. After everyone met, we got on the busses to go to Jerusalem and start our first week filled with new experiences. We awoke the next morning to begin our first day in the City of David. It was still only the first day and we didn’t even know each other’s names. But, it didn’t matter. We entered the week with a lot of excitement and energy.

We got settled into our groups, and awaited our first Shabbat dinner. We all were left with a very special feeling after that night. As time moved on we became closer and closer as a group. The next night, we got a taste of what was to come in our approaching Gadna week.

When we arrived to Gadna, we did not understand what was expected of us. It took a lot of time and practice to learn the ways of the army. We transformed from campers to soldiers in only four short days. Our first night, we all completed our first masa. It was a challenge but we all finished feeling accomplished. Throughout the rest of the week we learned different lessons about the army, while learning about each other as well.  We even shot real guns for the first time, which was a once in a lifetime experience. This week brought each team even closer together. Friendships were established while everyone built up their team more than we ever thought possible. We ended the Gadna week using teamwork and perservernce. It took a lot of hard work, discipline, and strength, but in the end it was worth the experience. After all of this work, we were proud of ourselves along with our commanders. This week is one  that we will remember for the rest of our lives, all of the campers at CVK are waiting to se what will come in the rest of the program. We could not be more excited.

~ Shira Peretz and Shannie Chacham,  Machlaka 2